Sometimes it is a few special people in your life who teach you more about yourself than you had thought.  Gratitude is the emotion of thankfulness and rather than being what I would call "happy" being grateful is what I am. I have experienced so much joy in my life but also sadness and this… Continue reading Gratitude 


The power of the sea

Life it is like the ocean. The ebb and flow of each moment is unique - in every splash, the wave as it crashes on the rock is stunning. The waves make their continual impact and carve out their patterns. Reflecting on this magical day at the special seat I have chosen I practise gratefulness.… Continue reading The power of the sea


Thrive and survive 

Stoicism -  in the ancient Roman and Greco world the philosophy of thriving in stressful situations was founded. Zeno spread the word from the colonnades and porches of Greece,  Seneca branded it, Marcus Aurelius battled with it,  relied on it and thankfully penned it, George Washington lived it, Nelson Mandela not only used it to… Continue reading Thrive and survive 

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Letting your love out

Famous love stories are full of joy, tragedy, despair, elation, passion, adultery and usually some form of god damn unrequited love. True love, history and life have proven never to be straightforward, black and white or simple. The tempestuous or romanticised relationships of Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Rhett and Scarlett,… Continue reading Letting your love out


The mental bucket list 

Sunday the day of rest, or for me today was a fairly unique activity afternoon spent near the auspicious arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As a birthday present my favourite three bought me a set of dance lessons. As a former child dancer, I have continued to love the world of dance and as… Continue reading The mental bucket list 


Mouse wheel fatigue or menopause?

I lay wondering what it was that had finally tipped me over edge,  down the slippery  slide of my emotions, where I felt at any moment I might fall into a crying mess. As I lay contemplating the innocuous truth of my emotional state I rationally debated with myself  and concluded that it was only… Continue reading Mouse wheel fatigue or menopause?


Arthritic afflictions

Today I have had a cortisone shot in my left hand. I am typing the keys with one finger of my right hand and my other hand, somewhat numb but painfully throbbing is perched like a hand puppet in the air.  At 51 I thought i was still young but my body has slipped into… Continue reading Arthritic afflictions